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New Fee Structure

Circular to Parents and Guardians and staff of St. Mary’s Orphanage and Day School regarding the New Fee Structure

Dear Parents and Guardians of St. Mary’s Orphanage and Day School,

Greetings during this festive season. As we continue to struggle to face the challenges that this pandemic has caused, and hoping to return our lives to normal, I write to communicate the position of CCBI regarding the litigation over school fees during this crisis.

St. Mary’s, a Christian Brother Institution, is committed to serving the students placed under our care in the area of education despite the challenges, even in times of hardship as we are faced with now. When the lockdown was announced, we were able to seamlessly make the transition into online classes and continue with the education process, so that your children do not miss out on the important aspects of the on-going formation.

We are hoping that the day is not far when we shall have the physical presence of your children in our school. St. Mary’s is committed and will continue to reach out to the other less fortunate groups of people in the other projects on our campus.

St. Mary’s reaffirms its commitment to the students, staff and our ministry of education to ensure specific steps so that no member of the St. Mary’s family would suffer at this time of financial hardship. We provided waivers and concessions to all and more significantly on a case-to-case basis on humanitarian grounds to those who needed it most.

Now, in compliance with the Judgment of October 13, 2020 re the charging of the fees and, the file special leave petition granted for directions 8 to 16 contained in para 61 of the impugned judgment be not implicated, St. Mary’s Orphanage and Day School, Dum Dum has unanimously adopted the following resolution of implementing the points mentioned in the Judgment.

⁕ There will be 20% reduction across the board towards tuition fees and session fees to every student for the period April 2020 to the month following the one in which the school will reopen in physical mode.
⁕ The reduction of 20% will be based for each month on the fees for the corresponding month in 2019
⁕ No increase in fees during the financial year 2020-2021.
⁕No increase in salaries of teachers and other employees during 2020-2021. If any increments are given, these will not be realized out of the school fees during 2020-2021.
⁕ No charges towards unused facilities such as laboratory, craft, sports facilities or extracurricular activities.
⁕ Parents who are financially stable can choose to waive the 20% reduction to assist the School in maintaining financial balance in this crisis, and in fact have been asked to do so by the High Court if their financial situation does not merit the reduction.
⁕ By November 30, 2020 all fees payable as per judgment for the period up to November should be tendered on behalf of the students. If fees are not paid, the with effect of December 8th 2020, the School may have to consider disallowing students as allowed by the High Court Judgment although, this harsh measure is one that we do not want to resort to at all.
⁕ No student can apply for a transfer certificate without clearing the full amount of fees as per the Judgment.
⁕ Fees payable by students to boards for examinations or otherwise shall have to be paid in addition to the monthly fees and other charges in terms of this order and there is no waiver or reduction of these fees or charges.
⁕ There will be no refund of the fees already paid. However, to the extent fees already been paid which are in excess of the directions herein, suitable adjustments will be made over the remaining months of the financial year, unless the parents agree in writing otherwise.

Special requests from St. Mary’s Orphanage and Day School.

⁕ St. Mary’s will do its best to reach out to the students. Parents and guardians despite the challenges reaffirming our commitment to do our best. We need the cooperation of the parents to spend quality time with your children and supplement whatever is needed for the child’s holistic growth.

⁕ All existing concessions provided to parents under any category whatsoever will be included within the 20% reduction and adjusted against the same.

⁕ We still incur heavy expenses in our School towards other commitments and helping the needy students and less fortunate than us. For this reason, we appeal to those who do not need to avail the reduction of 20% fees, to write or communicate this to us immediately at the e-mail address or the Covid Concession Committee, St. Mary’s Orphanage which is .

This small gesture on your part will help reduce our burden and our concern for the coming months ahead. Hoping that you continue to keep safe as we journey through this pandemic.

Br. P. Henriques