Digital Infrastructure

Classes have continued digitally at SMO during the pandemic. Our teachers have adapted to the new normal of teaching from home and e-learning. We use proprietary apps such as Franciscan e-Care application for assignments and tests. Our faculty page features photographs of our teachers teaching online. [click here]


SMO prides itself on its vast, open playing fields. The school grounds are spacious enough to accommodate four football matches simultaneously. The verdant greenery contributes significantly towards the psychological wellbeing of the students, while also providing a much needed green cover from the surrounding pollution.

The annual sports day and other large-scale events are hosted in the school grounds. Children are encouraged to play and partake of physical activities during the recess. A dedicated Extra Curricular Activity (ECA) period is set aside for every class once a week.

It might be of interest to note that the four large palm trees towards the entrance of the school are named Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. There was a fifth tree that stood some distance apart, named Judas, but it ironically fell during a storm sometime in the mid 2000s.

Swimming Pool

The School has a 200 sqft swimming pool, equipped with changing rooms, showers and a lifeguard tower. There’s a smaller kiddy pool alongside.


The school boasts an extensive library with over 11,000 books. They are organized by subject and reading grade. We encourage our students to inculcate a reading habit. Once a week, each class gets a dedicated library period. It’s seen as a way to unwind from the regular curriculum and broaden their horizons. The library is available for reference work and projects.

Medical, Meals & Accessibility

SMO pays attention to detail. There are numerous ramps and guardrails throughout the school, facilitating ease of movement for those who are differently abled. The school has an infirmary with excellent first-aid capabilities. The school canteen provides a variety of snacks and meals, and is often used for charitable and humantarian causes..

Staff and Maintenance

St. Mary’s School is spread over an area of 300,000 sq ft, with thousands of trees and lush greenery, and has over a hundred classrooms. Maintenance, security and cleanliness is possible through the dedicated efforts of the school staff. We are immensely grateful to them for their untiring service.