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St. Mary's School

Located at 103 Dum Dum Road, St. Mary's School is one of the premier institutions in the city of Kolkata, providing all-round development for children under the aegis of the Christian Brothers. Learn MoreSt. Mary's School

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St. Mary’s is one of the most prestigious schools of Kolkata (erstwhile Calcutta) and has one of the most spacious campuses in the city comprising two football fields, an auditorium, a basketball court, a skating rink, parks, badminton court and class rooms. The school also has a library, computer centres, laboratories and a chapel hosting mass and other holy events.

As the school was also a residential school for orphans and the underprivileged till 2006, it also has dormitories, a dining hall and a kitchen, along with servants’ quarters and the three main school buildings. However, the boarding closed down in 2004 and the school is now run as a day school only.

St. Mary’s provides education under the ICSE/ISC board, New Delhi and is run by the Congregation of Christian Brothers of Ireland. SMO has classes from the Kindergarten section up to +2 level i.e. Class XI and XII (Commerce section only). From the 2012 session admission of girls to the +2 level has started, breaking the school’s long-standing reputation of being a premier boys’ only school in Calcutta.


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Br. Placid Henriques

Edmund Rice had an intimate experience of God, and he founded the Congregation of Christian Brothers. This group of Brothers had to give expression to the experience Edmund had. Edmund was a very practical man. His heart went out to the unruly children he saw around him.

He was convinced that Education was the means to liberate them from that dire situation. So, Edmund and his followers set up schools and started educating these children with the sole aim of liberating them. Liberation was essential for the people to become independent in their thinking, in developing skills and becoming self-sufficient.

Liberation is the hallmark of the Christian Brothers education.

Ms. Nandita Bhattacharyya

Education is a never ending process. It makes an individual intellectually enlightened, vocationally self sufficient, socially efficient, morally strong, culturally polished and spiritually developed. The SMO family delights in seeing its students blossoming into enlightened citizens fully alive to their responsibilities towards parents, society & motherland.

The world as we know it, has changed drastically. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every aspect of human endeavour and none more so than education.

As the multitude of solutions are implemented, mostly dictated by local circumstances, a different world of education will slowly unfold. Some experiments will undoubtedly fail, while others will be immensely successful. When the dust settles, we are bound to see a brand-new educational landscape, impacted and reshaped at all levels. And in these difficult circumstances, one aspect of human nature that has shone brilliantly has been the resilience displayed by all, the students, the teachers and the parents. We are grateful to parents for their active cooperation and goodwill to realise the goal. With the continuous guidance and support from the management, dedication of our teachers and cooperation of the parents we are working hard to achieve a very high standard.

May our efforts to accomplish this task be fruitful. Stay safe and God bless.

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